Sunday, February 24, 2008


ps...Inspired by Tiina, I have been learning how to knit. So far I have achieved 8 rows of what will probably turn out to be a scarf, should I remain focused enough to get through it. I'm knitting continental style, apparently, and I'm having a blast! It's a little bit hard when Elvis is around though - apparently it's true, cats do love yarn!


My sweet gingham house

I've been updating my home decor lately, mostly with the help of a little red gingham and some yellow ribbon. Here are my latest projects, hopefully by the time we move out in June the place will have gained some character :)

Table cloth
Table Cloth

Utensil Holder (decoupaged with fabric)
Utensil holder

Bread Box (decoupaged with fabric)
Bread box

Cushions (my mum made them for my birthday last Sept, but I've only just found them a home)
Cushions by Mum

Our bedsheets set
Our bed

I'm hopefully going to make a fabric, magnet-backed organiser to go on the side of the fridge with gingham, yellow and red fabric, and cherry prints. Should be nice!

Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm working on my Lush-ious Cupcakes Set. Hope the girls at work don't get sick of eating them! Here's the latest addition, Sonic Death Cakes.

Sonic Death Cakes

A vegan Chocolate and Coffee cupcake with Chocolate and Lime fudge frosting.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Retro 50s swap

Tiina received her swap package and posted a few photos on craftster, so I'm going to borrow them and post here to show what I made! She is my inspiration for posting more on my blog, so hopefully I'll stick with it. I'll definitely have to update when I receive from her!

Group photo showing kitchen set (apron, pot holder, oven mitt), neck scarf, earrings, handbag, and zine

Cherry earrings made from polymer clay

Close up of painted craft bag with beaded handle

Detail of embroidery on kitchen set
50s swap kitchen set.jpg